Huntington Pointe

To the Pointe 12/08

Good Morning Residents,

Starting Wednesday, December 13th, you can pick up your cafe cards, ID cards, and Directory from 1 pm to 3 pm.
There will be 3 lines set up for this.
Air Ref is still making adjustments to the AC units throughout the clubhouse.

We are still monitoring the website host transition. Bluehost assured us that we should have it transferred by this weekend.
If you need to submit a work order for now, please use this page until we have the website back up.

The cafe hours are 8 am – 3 pm, Monday through Sunday.
On Wednesday, December 13th, the cafe will close at 2 pm.

Sharell will be contacting all Club and Organization Presidents about the distribution of the mailbox keys.

A showcase for the Clubs and Activities here at Huntington Pointe. From the Art Club to Theatre Arts. This event will take place in the ballroom.

Tickets for all shows will be at the box office on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:30 to 11:30 am starting Monday, December 11th.

Thanks to all who wrote for me this week.


Hi Everyone!!
Yes, it’s Shirley Kafka. Susan’s being away has given me an opportunity to sneak in and offer a drop of the old “Community Connection.”

Susan left on a much needed vacation on Dec. 2nd. The night before, we had our first bingo of the season. A fun evening was enjoyed by 125 residents. There were several happy smiles of cash winners who undoubtedly will return to reap more rewards. We look forward to the continued success of this game. Join us the first and 3rd Friday of the month.

You are on your feet all morning and afternoon. With a smile, you bring requested butter to the table. You turn and are asked for milk instead of cream. Toast too well done and you are off and running for new lightly toasted bread. It is non-stop. You have done your best and the clientele has told you what a pleasure it is to have you as their server. Then what—you look at your tables. One has left a zero tip. One has emptied their pocket of change and you receive fifty cents. PLEASE remember that Dala is a restaurant and the waitresses and waiters depend on gratuities to supplement their income. Be as generous to them as they are kind to you. Show the appropriate appreciation please.

It was an emotional evening for many after not having use of our theater since March, 2020. Never did we anticipate it would be close to three years for our opening night.
We didn’t have to stress over weather issues. We were inside in comfortable seats and state of the art equipment. We had a real stage and didn’t have to drag our own chairs from our trunks into the parking lot. What a pleasure!

Dala offered a special opening night dinner in the cafe consisting of various lobster dishes and chicken. It was sold out within a few days. Quotes from residents consisted of “Everything was delicious from the soup to the dessert.” “Wonderful is the word that comes to mind.” “The service was excellent.” Please look for future announcements of special dinner nights.

It was time for Sarge to a sold-out house. Our polite, gracious residents and guests are to be commended for the smooth transition from the lobby to their seats. Those that offered their service assisted everyone who needed help.

Sarge did not fail to delight us with non stop humor and stories of his life.

Again, a couple of comments from residents. “A fabulous evening without ever having to leave HP.” “It was a five star night.”

The “cherry on top” was the post directly from Sarge on his face book page. “The NEW IMPROVED HUNTINGTON POINT PERFORMING ARTS CENTER is state of the art and utterly fantastic….thank you for selling it out….the venue and the people were utterly spectacular…what a grrrreat Saturday night. THANK YOU.”

We look forward to Susan’s return and her complete “To The Point” articles every Friday.

Thank you.